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Where did May go?

  Time flies when a construction project is nearing the end.  How is it almost the end of May already?  We are moving in to the Center of Hope beginning one month from today - Yikes! The crew is working hard to get the building completed.  The exterior stairs by the elevator have been installed and buttoned up. Once the crew gets the underside of the stair enclosed then the steps are complete and ready for use. The courtyard is currently more complete than this photo shows.  The stamped concrete was installed late last week.  I'll have photos of it for you next time. In the Dental wing the chairs have been installed.  Doesn't this reclined seat look like a comfortable place to get a root canal?  Maybe not a root canal but a cleaning would be nice... Here is the dental delivery unit.  Everything a Hygienist needs to clean your teeth is within easy reach with this piece of new equipment. Just outside the Dental wing is the new bicycle enclosure where staff can secure the bike tha

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