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First it was yellow, now it's pink...

  The Center of Hope is changing colors like the seasons.  It wasn't that long ago that the exterior was bright yellow.  The pink you see now is the foam insulation being installed.  Next the building will turn gray with its top coat before the final color is applied. The roof above the Medical wing looks like a flat expanse heading towards the horizon with the glass tops of the skylights rising up like greenhouse rooftops.  In the foreground is the frame for the privacy screen around the rooftop HVAC units. The upper walkway is surrounded by scaffolding and protected by plastic film as the waterproof coating is applied this week.   The Administration offices on the second floor have the drywall installed along with window and door frames.  The HVAC ducts have been installed and are just hanging around waiting for the ceiling to be put up to hold them in place. The cabinets and countertops are in place in the Lab. The Medical Assistant (MA) Stations are being installed and should h

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