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We're Pouring Concrete!

The past several weeks have been spent digging the footings for the foundation and putting the rebar in place so that we could pour concrete.  This week we poured the concrete for the footings and it was quite the production!  It takes quite a few construction workers to get the concrete where it's supposed to go. In order to get the "mud" (that's what they call the wet concrete mix) to where it's needed, a large pumping truck arrives at the site and sets up in a location where its articulating arm can reach a majority of the building's footprint.  The arm is similar to a boom lift that articulates out to its full length.  American Concrete Pumping provided that service for our project.  You can see their pumping truck in the photo at the top.  Concrete gets delivered in a concrete truck that keeps the concrete mix circulating so that it doesn't dry out and harden before delivery.  We had our concrete delivered by Shasta Redi-Mix. The "mud" ge…

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