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Progress Report

Enclosing the building is continuing at The Center of Hope.  Between the yellow exterior and the white drywall interior, the building is bright and inviting.  This photo is of the main entry point into the Center of Hope.
Crews are installing HVAC ducting, insulation, drywall, roofing and other material throughout the building.
The frames that will hold the Sierra Pacific windows are being installed.
Conveniently, we have two semi-trailers filled with Sierra Pacific windows to go into the frames.  The crew is starting to install these this week. Normally, you wouldn't be able to look up and see blue sky from inside a building with a roof installed on it but you can in the Medical wing.  We're going to have skylights above the four Medical Assistant (MA) Stations.  This will bring natural lighting into the hallways by the Exam Rooms.
Here's a wide angle view of our Medical Provider's Office.  It is an octagon shaped room that will have a movable wall that can be used to spli…

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