Continuing Construction

The Housing for Transitional Aged Youth is progressing nicely.  The building now has colorful exterior walls so the crew is currently focusing on the interior of the units.

The interior of the Housing building has been painted.  Here is a view of the living room in one of the four units.  The window looks out on to the housing courtyard. To the right is the door leading in to one of the two restrooms in the unit.  To the left and right of the restroom are two of the four bedrooms.

In this photo you can see the kitchen from the living room.  To the left is the open doorway to one of the four bedrooms in the unit.

The kitchen cabinets are being installed in each unit. There will be plenty of storage and countertop space for four residents.

Here a crew member is doing work on a scissor lift in the Housing courtyard.

Inside the clinic they are doing touch up work where needed.  Here is where they are working at a MA Station in Medical.

Here's another view of a MA Station.  Have I mentioned that Hill Country has some of the best and most professional Medical Assistants in all of Shasta County?  Well, it's true, we do!

The crew continues to install flooring on the first floor.  Here they have started putting down the Armstrong vinyl flooring in the Staff Room.

The flooring is just about complete in Dental and they are moving down this hallway towards Medical.  The flooring crew is moving quickly and are currently ahead of schedule.

The Medical Lab is complete except for the flooring.

The security gates for the check-in windows are being installed.  This will allow the reception areas to be locked up at night.

We should be moving in to the Center of Hope in two months.  Construction is getting close to completion thanks to the management of the team from Slater & Son.  Jackson, the Construction Superintendent, has worked through many challenges associated with building our amazing clinic.  He's got a good team helping him and for that we are appreciative.  Thank you, Jackson!


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