Spring is in the Air


Spring time has brought us blue skies and green leaves on the oak trees.  The weather has been perfect for the crew working at the Center of Hope.

The crew is working on prepping for the sidewalks that need to still be poured.  Once the sidewalks are all in then the landscaping can be installed.

In the Courtyard, the exterior color is complete and the second floor handrail has been installed.

Now that the scaffolding is down, the crew will be able to pour the concrete in the Courtyard.

Out at the Housing unit, the stairs to the second floor are being installed.

The guardrail on the second floor still needs to be installed but with the stairs in place the crew will be able to easily get the railing up and into place.  Now that there are stairs, the cabinet maker will be able to get the cabinets up to the second floor.  The Housing unit is very quickly taking shape.

Inside the clinic the crew has begun to install the flooring.  Here they are putting the vinyl tile planks into the Dental hallway.

Once the flooring is in place, the crew puts down a protective covering to prevent the floor from being damaged while construction continues.

Here are photos of the Dental Exam Rooms.  All that is needed is the dental chair, overhead lights and a patient waiting for their teeth to be cleaned by our amazing Dental team.

The main clinic entrance is open but we're not quite ready for guests yet.

There is still quite a bit of work that needs to be done in the Lobby.  Here are stacks of boxes filled with ceiling tiles waiting to be installed in the Lobby.

The crew did finish the pine accent wall in the Lobby.  It's a nice feature that our architect, Trilogy Architecture, designed - don't you agree?

The crew has also finished tiling all of the bathrooms in the building.  Here is the shower in the staff restroom near the Staff Room.  This is close to the exterior bicycle locker so any staff member that rides their bike to work can shower before starting their shift.  

In two months we will be moving in to the Center of Hope.  In less than three months we will be seeing patients in this brand new clinic.  Are you ready for this?  Are you excited?  I know I am!


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