Courtyard, Counters and Continued Construction

The Courtyard view of the building is really coming together.  The expanded metal railing on the second floor is in place.  The Timber Wall by Sierra Pacific is an impressive wall of windows between the lobby and courtyard.  The exterior has it's color coat in place and doors and windows have been installed.  Now they need to complete the courtyard concrete.

Bo from Slater & Son sent me this photo of the crew working on the courtyard earlier this week.  This photo was taken on the upper walkway looking down into the courtyard.  The crew has formed a pattern for the cement.  Colored, stamped concrete will fill the area inside the lines of the pattern.  I think you'll be impressed when this portion of the project is completed in the coming weeks.

The lines, arcs, angles and colors in this building are on full display at the front of the building.  

Here is the view looking out the windows in the photo directly above.  This is from the lobby looking out the windows along the pine accent wall that face Industrial Street.

At the back of the clinic on the side that faces Lowe's, the crew is working on the concrete for the sidewalks around the building.  They are also prepping the dirt for the installation of the landscaping around the property.

At the housing unit, the counter tops in the kitchens have been installed.

The Housing Manager's unit has its cabinets and countertops in place as well.  Once the flooring is installed the appliances can go in.

Another portion of the project is progressing.  Patrick with Slater & Son has been overseeing the construction of the Housing unit and also the Cafe` so that Jackson can focus on the clinic.  Patrick has the crew on task in both buildings.  Here, the drywall is being installed in the Cafe`.

The Cafe` is on the opposite side of the courtyard from the clinic.  It is adjacent to the elevator and security office.  Patrick from Slater & Son is overseeing this portion of the project along with the housing unit so that Jackson can focus on completing the clinic.

Inside the clinic, the crew has completed the flooring in the Staff Kitchen.  Soon the appliance will be installed.  The kitchen will have a stove, dishwasher, two refrigerators and hopefully enough microwaves and coffee makers to keep our staff fed, caffeinated and happy!

One thing that may make staff happy is the locker room in the staff room.  There are 92 lockers that will be available for staff to lock up their personal items while at work.

The lockers are big enough to hold a purse, backpack or gym bag along with hooks to hang clothing.  There are also two small cubbies to place keys, wallet or anything else you don't want to misplace.

In the IT server room, the crew is sorting out all the cables, getting them labeled correctly and hooked up to the equipment.  It's a big job but it looks like they have it well organized...

The upper walkway around the courtyard on the second floor is still being worked on.  The crew needed to do some additional work to waterproof the transition from the deck to the walls.  Once that is completed then the final color coat can be applied to the walls.

The crew from Slater & Son have put in many long hours, days and months working to build the Center of Hope.  As we near completion, Hill Country wants to acknowledge and thank the team that Slater & Son has dedicated to this project:
Jackson, the Center of Hope Construction Superintendent
Patrick, the Project Manager
Bo, the Jack-of-Trades
Patrick, Housing & Cafe Construction Superintendent

Thank you, gentlemen, it has been a pleasure working with you!


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