Scaffolds and Cabinets


There has been quite a bit of scaffolding set up around the Center of Hope as the crew works on the exterior of the building.  Not only is it up around the Courtyard...

...scaffolding is also up around the housing unit as the crew applies the various layers to the outside of the building.

The scaffolding extends up to the top of the elevator shaft so that the crew can continue to work on the layers of the siding.

Every crack is filled by the crew to make sure the siding is water tight.

Inside work continues up above the ceiling as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, network, fire safety and security infrastructure is finalized before the ceiling tiles are installed.

Many crew members seem to be working on ladders or scaffolding around the building.

The crew working at ground level are installing the cabinets in the Medical wing this week.

These cabinets are the drawers for the fixed work stations in our Medical Provider's Office.

The cabinets in the Medical Lab are being put in place and hung on the walls.

All of the drywall has been put in place in the lobby.  This view is looking at the Medical check-in desk from the Behavioral Health end of the lobby.

A corner meeting room on the first floor has drywall and window frames in place.  The room still needs much of the infrastructure completed along with windows, a door, paint, flooring and the ceiling, but we're getting there...

On the second floor the crew has started to install drywall but these offices in the Administration area are still bare metal studs.

Insulation has been installed in the ceiling of the housing units.  They have completed installing the various utilities in each unit so after all the insulation has been put into place the crew will start hanging the drywall.

The crew will work four days (well, maybe closer to three and a half) next week before taking a long weekend to enjoy the holidays with their loved ones.

Hill Country wishes a Happy Holidays to all of you!


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