More of the Same

2021 is a new year but the crew is doing more of the same at the Center of Hope this week.  Scaffolding is set up all around the building as the exterior is made water tight.

You can hardly get to the courtyard from the main entrance by the elevator due to all the scaffolding.

The lobby is taking shape now that the window frames are in place.  Plastic sheeting is currently covering the interior of the windows to keep the building safe from the rain.  You can now get a feel for the size of the space with the drywall and window coverings up.  At the moment, it looks kind of small but once the windows are uncovered and the natural light is shining through, the space will appear much larger.

Quite a bit of cabling and electrical wiring is being pulled while the ceiling is still open.  Once the ceiling tiles are installed, you won't be able to see the wires, duct work, pipes and other utilities that keep the building functioning.

The Dental cabinets have been delivered and are getting prepped for install.

In the Medical Department, the cabinetry for the MA stations is being installed.  The natural lighting from the skylight is going to create an ideal work space for our medical assistants.

Over at the housing unit, the windows have been installed.  

Inside the housing unit the ceilings have been enclosed with drywall.  Next, drywall and insulation will be put in place for the walls.  This panoramic photo was taken just inside the entry door.  Looking from the left you can see one side of bedrooms/restroom then the kitchen area.  Another set of bedrooms and restroom are at the far right.

I asked the Construction Superintendent, Jackson, what was new this week.  He said more of the same - waterproofing the exterior, interior painting, as well as installing windows and cabinets.  Same thing as last week, just in different locations.  He sees it as more of the same, I see it as Progress!

The Center of Hope.  Opening in 2021.


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