Let There Be Light!


Do you notice anything different in this photo that you haven't seen before?  Sure, you don't see much clutter on the floor because Bo with Slater & Son has been doing a great job keeping the site cleaned up.  But there is something new in this photo... LIGHTS!  
The electrician has begun wiring the lights and powering them on around the first floor.  You can now see spaces that were previously very dark.

Here is a photo of a room that has been very dark and required a flashlight to see inside.  This is the room in Dental where they sterilize their equipment and tools.  This room has a lot of cabinetry and the Dental staff is really excited about all the storage space they will have here.  

Another area that has been brightened by the addition of overhead lighting is the Dental Provider Office.  This space is huge and will have work stations for ten staff members.  This is a significant improvement compared to what they currently have.  

It wouldn't be a Center of Hope update without a photo of a MA Station.  Overhead lighting is good but natural lighting from a skylight is even better.  Have I told you Hill Country has the greatest Medical Assistants and they deserve this amazing work space?  It's true!

Let's go back to the lobby where we started at the top.  Here's a photo looking back from Dental Check-in towards the main entry door.  On the right is the Sierra Pacific Timber Wall, a floor to ceiling glass view out to the courtyard.  The windows in the lobby are currently covered with clear plastic to protect them from dust and possible damage.  Wait until you see how it looks uncovered - it's beautiful!

Just outside the main entrance is the security room and the Cafe'.  The entry door to the Cafe` is between security and the stairs/elevator to the second floor.

The crew is still working on finishing the exterior surface on the second floor.  The team is working from the scaffolding that surrounds the building and they are getting closer to being finished.  The building has changed colors at every step, from yellow to pink to gray to the final painted exterior colors.

Outside the crew from Axner's is working on the drainage that will draw rain water away from the landscaping.  They are prepping all outside areas for landscaping that the crew will begin installing in the next few weeks.

This area is just outside the Medical and Behavioral Health wings.  It will have grass and is planned to act as a bio-swale during the rainy season.  A bio-swale holds storm water runoff until it can safely drain and/or percolate back into the groundwater.

To the right in the above photo of the bio-swale is the Housing unit.  The crew has poured the concrete for the Housing courtyard this week.  

Inside, the drywall is up.  Here is a wide angle photo of a bedroom looking out towards the living room.  As a reminder, each of the four units has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.  It will be a comfortable environment for the transitional aged youth that are attending local schools while they live here.

A big Thank You to all the new blog subscribers.  Especially the members of our Medical staff that look forward to the weekly updates about the MA Stations.  Slater & Son is building a beautiful clinic for you and all of our Hill Country Community!



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