Inside and Outside

The lobby is getting cleaned up.  The ceiling tile grid has been installed and soon the flooring will be put in.  All of the exterior doors and windows are in so the building can be sealed up tight.

Here is Dental Check-in with the entry to the Dental Department to the right.  To the right of the entrance is a drinking fountain with a bottle filler in the lobby, accessible to patients and guests.

To the right of that lobby drinking fountain is one of two sets of guests restrooms.  As you can see, this women's restroom is just about ready for guests.  The mirrors, sinks and toilets are installed, partitions are up... even the baby changing table is in its place!

The Dental Lab sink is being installed.  The sinks in the clinical areas, especially exam rooms, have a motion sensor to turn the faucet on.  Not having handles to touch helps with infection control.

Here is a view looking down a hallway in Dental.  You can see the natural lighting coming from the exam room windows on the left.

At the end of the Dental hallway, near the entrance to the Staff Room, there is a staff restroom with a shower.  Here is a photo of the shower fixture in that room.  There is another restroom in the Medical department with a shower.

This area outside the building doesn't look like much right now but it is planned to be an outdoor staff break area.  We'll have tables and chairs out here where staff can eat lunch or just take ten minutes to clear their head in the fresh air.  Wellness of all types is encouraged at Hill Country.

Around the building from the outdoor staff area is the future site of a childcare play yard.  Right now the area is dirt and bare trees but later this year there will be a fenced in yard with grass and trees that create shade for the area.

A Big Thank You to Roger and the crew from F.C. Bickert Lath & Plaster.  They are the team that has been installing the multi-layer siding on the Center of Hope.  Roger is a real perfectionist and has put in many long days to install an energy efficient siding on the Center of Hope.  His hard work has been noticed and we thank him for all he has done!


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