Photo Update


The exterior of the Center of Hope is looking rather gray these days, but that's a good thing.  The exterior has received its final coating of surface material before it is painted.  The area that is still yellow is where an accent wall will be installed.

The back side of the building has been painted and is still waiting for landscaping to be completed.  The grading work has been done.  The sidewalks will be installed soon along with grass and other plants.  This photo is the back side of the Medical and Behavioral Health wings.

The crew is just a bit behind on the Housing unit exterior.  They are still working on prepping for the stucco siding on this building.

The Behavioral Health reception area is lit up so that the crew can install the countertop.  On the left is one of the sliding door entrances to the lobby.  As you can see, the ceiling and floors still need to be installed but that work is scheduled to start soon.

The lobby restrooms are tiled and lit up with plumbing installed.  The crew is beginning to install the stall partitions and other accessories like mirrors and paper product dispensers.

The drinking fountains have been installed throughout the clinic as well.  These units have built in filtered water dispensers for bottles.

The Medical Lab has lights and cabinets installed.

Up on the second floor, the crew is painting.  This room is the largest meeting room in the building.  It will some day host staff meetings for over 100 Center of Hope employees.

Also on the second floor is the Wellness Center.  This photo was taken from inside that space looking into an adjacent meeting room.  The crew is prepping this space for painting.

The Administration offices are also being prepped for paint.  Once the room is painted they'll install the grids for the ceiling tiles and lights.  They'll install the floor up here once they've finished installing flooring on the first floor of the building.

All of the exterior doors and windows have been installed so now that the building is sealed up the interior can be kept warm.  After painting, the next big project is the flooring.  Once that is installed, the next big tasks are ceiling tiles, internal doors and windows.  We're getting closer every day to having this building completed and opened later this summer.


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