Weekly Update


The crew is putting the final coat on the outside of the Center of Hope.  Several colors have been used and they really accent the exterior of the building.  Once this final coat is installed, the scaffolding can come down.

They are applying the second layer of the Housing unit's stucco exterior.

No shortage of scaffolding around the Housing unit...

The outside of the buildings make it appear that there is still much to do but we are just a few months away from completion.

Looking out the windows in the Staff Room, you can see that the concrete pad for the secure bicycle storage has been poured and is drying.

The back side of the Medical wing may look barren now with nothing by dirt and dormant trees but in just a couple months there will be landscaping and a shady area to relax.

Inside the building, the restrooms are painted and tiled.  The plumbing has been installed and the accessories are being put in.  This restroom is adjacent to the Medical Lab and there is a pass through in the wall between the toilet and sink to quickly and safely get samples into the Lab.

The Medical Provider's Office has the workspace countertops installed and the concrete floor has been prepped for the installation of the flooring.

Before the flooring can be installed over the concrete, the moisture level of the concrete must be tested.  The crew started that testing last week and we will know the results this week.

Here is Bo from Slater & Son, our general contractor, carrying long wood boards in to the lobby.  

Could this be the flooring that will be installed in the clinic?

Actually, that's not what that wood is for.  The pine boards that Bo carried in will be installed on this wall in the clinic lobby.  Next week I'll show you photos of this area as the crew installs the pine accent wall around these windows.

A Big Thank You to Bo for all his hard work around the Center of Hope - We really appreciate everything you do to make this place special!


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