Walls and Technology


The exterior of the Center of Hope gets more colorful by the day.  The crew began installing the metal siding near the building entrance.

This story high accent wall adds color and texture to the entrance of the clinic.

Inside, the crew has started installing the pine accent wall in the lobby.  This is the long boards that Bo carried in last week.

The pine boards are installed are sanded down by skilled carpenters working for Slater & Son.

The pine accent wall and large windows brighten this hallway leading to guest restrooms and a stairway to the second floor.

Speaking of hallways, this hallway in Dental now has ceiling tiles installed.  The flooring will be the next item installed in this wing of the clinic.

Prior to installing the floor there are a couple tasks the crew must do.  Just like testing the moisture content of the floor, the bonding material must be tested as well.  Here is a test site for the bond using the Armstrong vinyl plank flooring that will be installed in the Dental wing. 

The crew has posted color coded maps identifying the type of flooring to be installed throughout the facility.  As you can see, most of the floors will be the same vinyl plank they used for the bond test.

In the Dental Lab, they have installed the sink and faucet.  The plumbing fixture you see to the left of the faucet is an eye wash station.  When you pull down the fixture where the orange tag is located, it automatically activates water to discharge from the eye cups.  
We'll need to remind staff to NOT pull the fixture down to move or test it because the unit quickly creates a fountain of water that can spray outside the sink and create a bit of a mess.  
Ask me how I know... 😓

Let's head upstairs now to the Server Room on the second floor (where there are no eye wash stations that can get us into trouble).  The waterfall of CAT5 cables is getting organized and ready for the server and switches to be installed.

The Server Room also has breaker boxes, fire and security alarm equipment and other Tech related items.  In this photo, Joe, our Redding Maintenance staff member, is inspecting the electrical wiring distribution.

The Mechanical Room is on the second floor as well.  There is quite a bit of technology that manages the mechanical portions of the building.

These large units run the condensing boiler.

Here are the hot water heaters in the Mechanical Room.

On the rooftop adjacent to the Mechanical Room is the HVAC system.  The unit that you see is the size of a small school bus.  AND, it's just one of two of these units on the rooftop.  The mechanical infrastructure for the building is impressive not only in size but in its technology.  

This week is KKRN's Fund Drive.  KKRN 88.5 FM is our local radio station in Round Mountain.  They are a big part of the Hill Country family and they can always use your support.  Here is a link to their webpage: www.kkrn.org or call 530-337-1885 to donate.  Thank you for your support!


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